Saturday, July 25, 2015

Back-to-School Link-Up

Back-to-School Link-Up

#SpedChatSaturday - My Back-to-School Countdown

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

As Promised - #SpedChatBTS Templates

Hey y'all! I told you I would post the templates for the #SpedChatSaturday LINK-UP {Back-to-School Edition!} Holla! Make sure to save the images and use some type of photo editor to type in your responses. Feel free to also link any TPT products you have made that go hand-in hand with each countdown slide. Make it as interactive as you want! ~

{This is just a general slide to share on your social media that highlights the topic of the week, the host, and the platform(s) being used - If you share on IG, please tag me @latteslessonsieps}

{A highlight of the link-up}


{What are 5 MAJOR To-Do's you need to have on your list for this upcoming school year? Of course, we all have way more than 5, but try to shorten it down to just *5* IMPORTANT tasks.}

{What are some great Back-to-School organizational tips you can share? What are some ideas you have found? How will you organize your special education caseload paperwork {IEPs, BIPs}? What ideas do you WANT to try?}


{Have fun with this one! What are 3 wishes you have for this school year? Wishes for your students, for yourself, for your school, your team -- you decide!}


{What time management strategies will you use to stay productive this school year? When will you fit in small groups, re-eval testing, IEP meetings. What's your plan? How will you manage TEACHING and your PERSONAL life? It's up to you how you approach it!}


{What promise can you make this school year? It can be a promise to yourself...or a promise to your students. It's up to you. JUST MAKE ONE & KEEP IT!}

{And as usual, "Link-Up" Rules! -- You only really need to post images labeled 1-6 on your post, but you're free to include the Link-Up rules and the cover slide as well.}

I will be posting my *completed* #SpedChatSaturday on Friday, so that everyone gets an idea of what it will look like. The link-up will open at 10AM on Saturday (July 25th), so prepare your post now and get ready to link-up!

Email me if you have any questions: 

Monday, July 20, 2015

#SpedChatSaturday - THE DEELIO

Who's ready?! 

I have been SO excited the last couple of weeks preparing the perfect 11-12 week schedule for #SpedChatSaturday with some AMAZING educators from the #SpedTribe Google+ Community. THANK YOU, to everyone who has been so dedicated in this process; specifically, Emily McDonald, the best co-leader ever and an encouraging friend (who doesn't mind if I look like a hot-mess on our morning video chats). It is our hope that you will find the topics covered the next 11-12 weeks to be beneficial to your practice as a, new or experienced, teacher and that you will connect with other special educators, build long-lasting relationships, and find useful resources to add to your never-ending "toolbox."

Please see the schedule below for weekly topics: 
Every week, we are SO fortunate to have a Leader/Host that will support the week's topic through some type of social media platform; although, EVERYONE is able to create something for that week's topic (whether it be a blog post, IG posts, Pinterest, Periscope - you name it!). Each topic will begin on a Saturday and end the following Friday. If you're not able to join in right away on Saturday, no worries! This is an all-week adventure!

If you are interested in hosting a topic {labeled TBD} you can find our Google Doc on our Google+ community and input your information. :D

NEXT SATURDAY marks our first #SpedChatSaturday - featuring Back-to-School! Who wants to think about that yet, right?! But, I will be hosting an {exciting} link-up that will allow you to get a jump-start on planning for the new school year.

Here's a little sneak-peek of what to look forward to:

I'll have some fun and engaging Periscopes this/next week and hosting a linky on my blog, so that we can all share our Back-to-School Countdowns. The templates for this will be posted this Wednesday, July 22nd, on my blog. 

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments below!

{Please note: #SpedChatSaturday is opened to ALL educators who work with students with special needs - including general education teachers, resource teachers, self-contained teachers, and related services personnel.}

What excites you the most about #SpedChatSaturday?!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

a peek into my classroom...


Today was a busy day. I attend orientation, filled out a bunch of paperwork (blah), and met some news friends! I was also able to stop by my classroom. When you first approach the door, here's what it looks like...

I know. I have a lot of work to do {haha!}. There is so much furniture. I have no idea where the last teacher put it all (since the room is so small). 

Here is the bulletin board you see on the left when you first walk in. I'm thinking I might make this my "Classroom Norms" board with Class Dojo info, classroom & school rules etc. What do you think? 

Here's a little bit of a closer look inside. white board. Just hanging out in the back of the classroom, with two long bookshelves, and two tables. I think I'll put my math alphabet above the white board, along with a number line. I'd also like to post my daily schedule on the far right of the white board.

I still need to figure out where I can put my "Calm Corner" and reading chair and bean bags.
This is the chair I'm talking about...
I might end up putting it to the left when you first walk in, that way, if I have kiddos who need to take a break from their regular ed class, they can just come right in and sit down and journal write {for a couple minutes}, without disrupting my small group too much. Good idea?

I would love to have one of the tables be my "writing center" and the other one be used as an individual work/calm space - maybe use a desk divider like this teacher did...
(a special sparkle)

Obviously, I think I will use the horseshoe for most of my instruction at the front of the class. My desk is hidden in the back (lol). It'll probably stay there.

Dividing the rooms with bookshelves seems like a no-brainer, but I wonder how it will fit. Hmmm. Here's what I mean...

(the school supply addict)

Phew. There's definitely a lot to figure out, but I won't overwhelm myself with thinking about it too much. :) 

Feel free to share your classroom layout with me and provide some advice/guidance!! 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Keeping up with...Miss Sanchez

Hey bloggy friends!

Make sure you're spending enough time relaxing and catching up on your favorite shows! I rarely turn away an opportunity to binge watch HLN! :)

So, today I want to share some of my classrooms projects! I can't wait to post when they are all actually in my classroom. :D

Classroom Projects!

 If you joined me on Periscope on Saturday, you probably heard and seen my classroom projects! Here are some things I have going on...
{Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, & Target!}
I found this green frame and glittered letters at Hobby Lobby for around $8 total. I just figured it would be a cute sign to hang {plus it matches my pink-green-blue color scheme!}
Table coveres {from the Dollar Tree} are a GREAT way to decorate your bulletin boards for cheap. These hanging Pom {Balls?} were $3 with a coupon. And again, they match!

1) BROWNIE POINTS! Check out my "Summer Freebie Finds" post to learn more about the Brownie Points classroom management system - and get the freebie! I bought these pans at {Dollar Tree} and will use them to post a magnetic brownie pictures for when my students earn a Brownie Point!
2) 17cent folders at Target {and they're actually really sturdy}! These will be used for Data Folders for my students! 

3) This was a total steal at Hobby Lobby. I found these dry erase covers in the clearance section for $4 {it comes with 5; which is perfect for my small groups!}

4) DOLLAR TREE wins again! I've been trying to think of something fun and cute to put on my front door this year. I decided to go with a "Miss Sanchez's Students are Sweet" and add their names on each of these cupcakes! I will probably laminate them.

5) Market your blog or TPT with this mug from Dollar Tree! Just design a mug template by measuring the paper thats already inside, printing and cutting it out. 
{once I do this, I'll post a template you can use that fits!}

What projects do you have going on for your classroom? Make sure to leave a comment and link to your blog! I can't  wait to check yours out. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July - Currently

I'm back again today! 
I'm so thrilled to be linking up with Oh, Boy Fourth Grade for #JulyCurrently.

Although I am Listening to "So You Think You Can Dance" I don't normally watch it. My aunt enjoys it though, so I keep her company. :)

I am LOVING everything I've gathered for my classroom. I can't wait to share pictures when it's all set up. My resource classroom is fairly small so it won't be hard to decorate. 

Honestly, I do not get out enough! I'm either working...or...working on classroom things. I'm Thinking it's a great idea to enjoy dinner and movie with some friends this weekend. Hmm?

I always WANT iced coffee. This will be on my currently...everything month {haha!}

Seriously... I NEED a back massage. A good one. My neck has been so tense and I've always had problems with my back. 

ALLSTAR: Helper! I love helping people, especially my family, when I can. 

What are you...currently...up to this month?! Don't forget to link up! :D

Summer FREEBIE Finds~

Hello friends! 

It's been a crazy summer so far. I've been updating some of my products on TPT, planning for the upcoming year, and of course, {s h o p p i n g} for my classroom. I'll be honest...I've spent a lot of money, but I've also been fortunate enough to  find great deals online -- many FREEBIES. After I posted a picture of my favorite freebies on IG, I've received several emails asking about them, so I decided to share them on my blog. Most of the freebies I'll share today are geared toward classroom management and posters for decorating your elementary classroom.

- click pictures / links to be directed to the creators blog or TPT store

{none of these are my work!}

Classroom Management:                                                           

Okay, this is probably my favorite freebie EVER. This is an excellent classroom management system that can keep your lesson going even when students have questions/comments {Can I go to the bathroom, sharpen my pencil, etc.}. Use hand signals / sign language instead! This is especially useful for teachers who have large class sizes. Check it out! Seriously. 

These are great for any elementary teaching thinking about using Whole Brain!

{Get students actively engaged in learning}

You can also download this 

{several posters you can use to introduce WBT in your classroom!}

{4th - 8th}

Volume check! Hello! How many teachers out there are dealing with the noise volume in their classroom? Kids thrive on consistency and expectations. I genuinely believe that students NEED these reminders. This is a great visual to keep students reminded of the expected "noise volume" in the classroom. Use a clothespin to identify which noise volume is appropriate for the current activity / lesson. When you are introducing this, have the students demonstrate what each volume would sound and look like.

I also found one that might work better for K-3 {with visuals}. You can color code them by printing them on different colored card stock. :D


{Side note: I don't use the "Outside Voice" on mine. I don't think a classroom should ever be that loud, but that's just me.} 

Have a handful of students who are easily distracted? Use this as a reminder! It is great for students who get off track easily and need the reminder. :) Visit to see how she uses it!
Brownie Points 
I love this! I can't wait to use this as an incentive for my students when they are in their regular ed classroom, at specials, etc. I have many students on behavior plans, so when their other teachers see an improvement in their behavior or I receive a compliment for one of the students, their grade level will receive a Brownie Point! {I teach 4th & 5th, so the 4th graders will have a pan and the 5th graders will have a pan}. When the pan is full (10 brownies) the students will get real brownies. :D

Classroom Posters/Decor: 

{this is SERIOUSLY free} 

Why not keep your elementary classroom old school with this Apple Theme Bundle! It's over 200 pages FOR FREE. :)

Bring some humor in your classroom! {recommended for upper elementary through high school}. Classroom Memes are a great way to share classroom rules {and jokes} that will make you and your students laugh. You can find these all over the web too & even create your own here

Inspirational Quotes

How inspiring is this quote?! Check it out on TPT. These will look great in any classroom. 

Do Not Disturb


Is your class testing? Hang this outside your door! It's super cute.

Ahhh! I have some freebies that I love, but this is a good list for my other newbie teacher friends {and all teachers, really}. I hope they are useful! Make sure to check out my TPT store for some of my freebies as well! 

Stay tuned!